Ninety-nine or Bust

99orbust-1Reviewed by Kim

What it is: [from Legendary Games site}: Quick…what is twenty-four plus seven? What’s seven plus six? Ninety-Nine or Bust card game adds up to fast-paced fun. Players take turns adding number cards to the count pile’ the count can quickly raise or lower at the flip of a card. Keep the count curbed at 99 or you bust! Includes 52 jumbo number cards, 32 casino quality poker chips, and easy to read instructions. For ages 12 and up.

Brain Benefitsworking memory, computation skills, strategy/planning

What I love:
 I loved the laughs coming from my son. It is fast paced. Loved the strategy in the 99orbust-2game. It would be a great game on a plane or a road trip. My son’s favorite part was the strategy that is needed to “catch or stump” the other player. He loved trying to set me up to lose a chip. It promoted a lot of communication, which was great for my Max who has autism. (He thought the “rated highly educational” that was on the box was a great rating. “Fun and good for you, Mom!”) Ages 12 and up is pretty accurate.

What I would change: Nothing! Great card game.


Rating: 5star

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