Thanks for the Feedback

Reviewed by Kim

feedback-bookWhat It Is: [Amazon book description] RJ’s back in the sixth installment of award-winning author Julia Cook’s very successful Best Me I Can Be series, Thanks for the Feedback … (I Think!). This entertaining story follows RJ as he goes about his day doing the things he enjoys, such as blowing bubbles, playing soccer, and hanging out with friends. But when a couple of friends give him compliments, he just isn’t sure how to respond! As RJ continues through the day, he hears from his teacher and parents that while there are many things he’s doing very well, there are also some things he needs to work on. His first reaction is to argue and make excuses. Throughout this must-read story, RJ learns what it means to receive positive and negative feedback, and how to respond appropriately to that feedback. Parents and teachers will love taking kids on RJ’s journey as he discovers feedback’s many forms, and learns to accept and grow from criticism and compliments at home, school and with friends.

Brain Benefits: Feedback is a key ingredient to LearningRx brain training. Learning to take feedback and use it as information to grow is a life skill we all could all use. Learning this life skill early in life provides us with an early start at being the best we can be.

What I Love:  I love the idea of introducing this crucial topic that most of us don’t really think about, when it comes to our kids. The tips in the back of the book are great. I like the suggestion also to role-play saying thank you after accepting a compliment. The guidelines of how to break down feedback without getting defensive and treating critical feedback as information to help us grow is awesome. I also recommend the Thanks for the Feedback book for adults by Douglas Stone and Sheila Heen.

What I Would Change: I was confused with the “About 39 years late, I got up…” page.  I would also add the idea of asking questions when we get feedback to understand even more what the feedback is, what it is based on, and what the giver meant when it was given.


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