Wimmer-Ferguson Mind Shapes

Reviewed by Brittany

mindshapes1What it is: [From Amazon product description] Mind Shapes is an award winning infant development toy designed with a variety of multi-sensory activities to engage and stimulate your baby. Each shape makes a unique chime when rolled or rattled, introducing baby to the cause and effect world of sound. A variety of textured fabrics and crinkle paper will engage your baby’s sense of touch. The bold patterns and contrasting images will instantly capture and hold your baby’s attention. Parents also share a fondness for Mind Shapes and this activity set makes it very easy to bond with your baby through play. Wimmer-Ferguson toy graphics and designs are based on scientific research of visual development in early infancy. Each Wimmer-Ferguson toy is designed to engage baby from birth, providing playful opportunities to practice developmental skills.

Brain Benefits
 Black and white and high contrast images and patterns aid in visual and attention development. Black and white contrast is proven to develop your baby’s retina and encourage optic nerve growth, which leads to faster visual development and stimulation.  Additionally, the contrast and different sounds will grab your baby’s attention. These shapes are also great for touch and sound sensory play.

What I Love: I love that these toys have stood the test of time. They were one of the first toys my son played with when he decided to start discovering the world around him at 3 months. He started just by looking at them and tracking them with his eyes. Then he was able to hold them and shake them and figure out that he can make them make noise. Then he focused on the different textures in addition to the images. As he got older, he threw them and tried stacking them, etc. At 15 months, he still plays with them regularly! They really are a very versatile toy.

mindshapes2What I Would Change: These toys are almost perfect. My only hesitation in letting my son play with them (i.e. put them in his mouth) was that they aren’t organic. As much as possible, I look for organic products, but this one is not.


I would 100% buy these again and I have even given them as gifts. But, as a crunchy mama, I wish they were made from organic materials.

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