Reviewed by Katelyn Young, LearningRx Shreveport

simon-3What it is:
Simon is an electronic hand-held game featuring colorful lights that make musical sounds when you touch them. As the colors light up, the player must focus on the pattern they are shown and then repeat it back by touching those same colored lights. Players won’t want to stop playing as it gets more challenging as it goes, and they try to beat their personal best.

simon-1Brain Benefits: memory, attention, pattern recognition

What I Love: It’s fun for a wide age range – I tried it (30 years), had my four-year old students try it, as well as a 13 and 17-year-old – and everyone that played enjoyed it and was challenged by it at different levels. It’s also very easy to figure out game play, which is a big plus.

What I Would Change: I think it would be more fun if more than 1-2 people could somehow play at a time, just to make it even more challenging and exciting. It’s not a great game for groups, but other than that it is a lot of fun!



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