Color Clash

Reviewed by Becky Frankenfeld, LearningRx Milwaukee-Brookfield

colorclashWhat It Is: [Amazon product description] Race to find the correct tile as the colors clash in your mind! Each of the 36 Color Clash tiles has 3 Attributes: A Picture of different color chameleons, a Word that refers to a specific color, and a Color that the Word is written in Your mind will be challenged to quickly recognize the color a word is written in when it spells another color, also known as the “Stroop Effect” Eight game variations are included in the rule book to mix up the fun!

Brain Benefits: processing speed and improved attention

What I Love: Fantastic game for all ages.  A person can play alone or have up to 8 friends playing. There are so many games inside this one box.  The directions are simple, yet the games really challenge your brain. This is a great way to test yourself and/or your friends.

What I Would Change: nothing!

Rating: 5star

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