Chicken Shuffle

Reviewed by Syndee Howgate, LearningRx Sugar Land and Houston-Clear Lake

chickenshuffleWhat It Is: [SmartGames product description] From SmartGames, the worldwide leader in single player puzzle games, comes Chicken Shuffle. Slide the plastic pieces around the board until all of the eggs shown on the included challenge cards are covered by chickens. A bigger challenge than you might think! With puzzles ranging from simple challenges for beginners to complex challenges that will test the smartest adults, Chicken Shuffle is a fun way to develop logical thinking skills and spatial reasoning abilities!

Brain Benefits
Logic & Reasoning, visual processing (could add processing speed by timing)

What I Love: Fun Graphics make this an enjoyable game for kids. It’s easy to travel with since the games piece stick to the board. There are 48 challenges varying degrees of challenges based on the card you choose to put into the game piece. Think Jigsaw puzzle meets sliding puzzle.

What I Would Change: Nothing!


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