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Reviewed by Wendy

What it is: “The world’s largest collection of books, toys and movies for smart, confident, and courageous girls.”

Brain Benefits: because the site has information across multiple platforms (books, toys, movies, etc.), the brain benefits are nearly endless!

What I love: This site is a nice one-stop-shop for “girl-power” parenting advice, book releases, movies, toys and other resources. One of my favorite things about the site is that you can search categories by age. So when my daughter and I want to do a Girls’ Night In, I go to the movie section and check out the pre-teen recommendations. There’s also a section called “Guides for Girls” which covers a variety of topics—from friendships and your changing body to self-esteem and family relationships. It’s also searchable by age. For girls with special needs (or who are dealing with the special needs of a sibling or parent), there are books and guides on topics like autism, ADHD and physical disabilities. The Character Collection is especially awesome because it lets you search for books based on real historical characters, TV/movie/book characters or female superheroes. So, if your daughter is doing a report on say, Zora Neale Hurston, you’ve got a good starting point for resources.

What I would change: As a mom raising biracial kids, I wish there were more books about biracial pre-teens..


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