Reviewed by: Wendy

What it is: [Amazon product description] Do you have what it takes to be creative and think outside the box? The Scattergories game keeps you on your toes. Try to outwit other teams by coming up with unique answers in this fast-paced party game. Choose a category card, then roll the large 20-sided die and see which letter shows up. Race against the timer to think of answers for each category that begin with the letter on the die. Here’s where it pays to be unique! You can only score points if your answers are different from the other teams’. The Scattergories game has over 3,500 possible category combinations, assuring you hours of fun!

Brain Benefits: long-term memory, logic & reasoning, processing speed, attention, auditory processing

What I love: This is one of my favorite games of all time! The short version is that you pick a card from the deck. The card has a list of categories (e.g., things that make you scream, reasons you laugh, sea creatures) and after rolling a 20-sided alphabet die and flipping a timer, everyone (individually or on a team) has to come up with as many items as possible to answer each question—beginning with that letter. So if the letter S was rolled, and the first category was “Things that make you scream,” you might answer: spiders, sharks, snakes, solicitors and slivers. Each person/team gets one point for unduplicated answers. You can earn two points for one item if it’s a reasonable answer, such as “shoe sale.”

The box says ages 13 and up, but we played this two years ago when our family came to visit and I was shocked by how easily my (then) 7-year-old son took to it. In some ways, kids can be better at this game because their minds aren’t limited to linear thought yet, like many adults’ minds are. The kids were so creative with their answers that we were laughing hysterically the entire time. Don’t limit this game to teens and adults! It’s really fun for everyone (unless you’re just afraid the kids will win!).

What I would change: More category cards. It’s easy to blow through them if you play a lot. We started making our own.


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