Word Stack

Reviewed by Wendy

What it is: This word-association app is billed as good for people who love crosswords, word search or hangman. You create a stack of words by associating them as synonyms or antonyms, because they create compound words or just because they’re related somehow (e.g., five and seven are both numbers).

Brain Benefits: planning, strategy, logic & reasoning, visual processing, vocabulary building

What I love: This game is really addictive. It’s such a simple concept, but it’s easy to put the words in the wrong order if they’re synonyms! For example, you need to consider how the second word connects to both the first and third word, while also weighing in on how the third word will connect to the fourth word, and so on. You can play all the “General” stacks for free, then the others (e.g., Ordinary, Familiar, Regular, Typical, Common, Usual, Average, Standard) are $.99 each or you can buy all of them for $3.99. There’s also a section that tracks your achievements, including how many puzzles you’ve completed and how many you’ve completed perfectly (meaning, in one single attempt). All are worth varying points, though I still haven’t figured out what you can do with the points you’ve earned. Buy the next level? Win prizes? Buy other games? Regardless, it’s really fun to play the game whether you earn points or not!

What I’d change: The directions could be a bit clearer in terms of what you can do with the points you earn.


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