Merged! LearningRx Review

Reviewed by Wendy

What it is: If you’re looking to build visual processing, the game app Merged! is easy to understand without being boring. You simply turn and place the pieces on the board to get them into groups of three. Sometimes there is a single die and sometimes it’s like a domino with two die side by side.

Brain Benefits: planning, strategy, logic & reasoning, visual processing, attention

What I love: Although what’s on the dice has little to do with the game (it could just have easily been animals that you’re matching up instead of numbers), I like the simplicity of the colors and black dots on the dice. Other images would probably be too confusing. Personally, I like that here’s not a time limit, so you can enjoy the game without the pressure of rushing, although I understand some people like the rush to have a challenge to their processing speed. I ran across other Merge-type games by this company, Gram Games, including Merge Farm!, Merge Town! and Merge Dragons, which I may try. But for now, this game more than keeps me occupied! (In fact, it’s easy to get addicted! But luckily, the games can be very short.) 

What I’d change:  You can earn more points by watching commercials, but sometimes it’s confusing about where to click when the commercial is over, and you end up in another game.


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