Paint Tower! LearningRx Review

Reviewed by Wendy 

What it is: If you’re looking to build visual processing, this app has got you covered! The basic concept is simple: stack a tower of pieces from the top down with the number of blocks you’re given. It sounds simple, until you realize that each piece affects the tower’s balance! Add too much to one side and the pieces fall off. Game over! You’ll need to use planning and strategy to keep the tower balanced.

Brain Benefits: planning, strategy, logic & reasoning, visual processing, attention, processing speed 

What I love: This game is bright and colorful, but not too confusing to the eye. I love the balancing and swinging, which puts some pressure on you to hurry up and add the next box (or set of boxes). I also like that the game is free because who wants to pay for a game without knowing if you’ll like it? It’s sort of like Jenga (the game that has you balance wooden pieces to create a tower), but with more color and more blocks for each turn. If you don’t know Jenga, surely you remember building card houses when you were little! It’s all about planning, balance, weight and finesse! (Unless the dog comes running through the room. Then it’s all about the wagging tail.) 

What I’d change:  I wish you could turn the pieces to make them fit, sort of like with the old video game Tetris.


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