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learning rx review tabletopicsWhat it is: TABLETOPICS are boxed sets of cards to get conversations started. They have countless versions: for families, for dinner parties, to go, Girls Night Out, Couples, Not Your Moms Dinner Party, Teens and more. One side has a question, such as “What’s your ideal vacation spot?” and the other side has an infographic (e.g., showing kids’ top answers to the vacation spot question: Disney 41%, Beach 24%, Snow Skiing 10%, Visit Relatives 9%, Mountains 6%).

Brain Benefits: creativity, attention, memory

What I love: I stumbled on this after my kids (ages 10 and 12) asked if they could eat dinner in other parts of the house rather than sitting at the dinner table. My daughter had just been to a sleepover and my son had just played in a hockey tournament. They were tired, getting on each other’s nerves and the last thing they wanted to do was sit at the dinner table and make small talk. I started thinking that we need some new questions to ask at dinner beyond, “How was your day?” These seem really fun and could probably diffuse the tension when they’re contemplating how long they’ll lose their technology if they throw the Caesar salad across the table. Some of the sample questions for the family version include: What activity is so much fun it doesn’t feel like exercise? What food would you like to have a permanent pass from eating? Why do kids laugh more than adults? What’s your favorite dessert?

What I’d change:  I think you’re mostly paying for fancy packaging; $25 seems a bit steep for a box of questions.


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