7 Little Words

Reviewed by Wendy

What it is: 7 Little Words is a word-game app that uses clues to hint at seven words segmented into two or more letters per tile. For example, the clue “meowing pet” tells you that the solution has eight letters. When you look at the tiles below the clues, you’d choose these three: “HOU” “SEC” and “AT” to spell “HOUSECAT.” Each time you make it through all seven words (using all 20 tiles), you move to the next level.

Brain Benefits: sound blending, planning, segmenting, logic & reasoning, visual processing, auditory processing, attention 

What I love: I don’t like games with a timer; it just feels like more pressure when I’m trying to relax. This game doesn’t have a time constraint, so you can take your time. I love that these words aren’t always segmented by syllable, because it makes it more challenging. There’s also a 7 Little Words for Kids, which is designed for elementary school children. There are no ads and no in-app purchases, and it’s available for most devices. Obviously, the clues are easier. For example, the clue “exploding mountain” is “volcano,” and the clue “cook in an oven” is “bake.” 

What I would change: I don’t like that the hints cost $2.99, but I understand they have to make money somehow.


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