Brain School (App)

LearningRx Reviews the Brain School App

Reviewed by Wendy

What it is: This fun brain games app offers 20 games and more than 100 levels of play. Some of the games include Music Lessons, Roman History, Magic Hats, Shape Math and Plastic Puzzle. You can check your improvement in “mental agility” daily and get progress reports along the way.

Brain Benefits: logic & reasoning, memory, numerical fluency, spatial and verbal learning, visual processing

What I love: The variety of games is great! You can work on logic & reasoning and then switch to math or something that works your visual processing, like a puzzle. Even though there are names like “School Bus,” this game works for a variety of ages, so a child could play it or a teen or senior. Some games will make you feel like a genius, and others will leave you embarrassed that you couldn’t do it – or couldn’t complete it much faster. On a personal note, I can’t play the rotated puzzle math game without feeling stressed! If you like visual processing games, you’ll love it!

What I’d change: The graphics seem a little dated, but that might help keep the app fast. It’s fun, but it doesn’t live up to the hype of its tagline: “The World’s most advanced Brain Trainer.”


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