LearningRx Reviews Word Solitaire App

Reviewed by Wendy 

What it is: The best way to describe this free award-winning app is “Klondike solitaire but with letters.” You start by dragging letters onto one another to arrange them into words. Then you flip over the card underneath it to expose another letter. You also need to use the provided letters (the stack of “base cards”) to complete the level. 

Brain Benefits: Sound blending, segmenting, attention, processing speed, planning

What I love: I’m a word person, so I love games like Scrabble and Boggle. I’m also thrifty, so I love free games and apps! The levels get more challenging as you move on, so you don’t always have tons of vowels and N’s or D’s. You get a score, but you’re also shown the number of moves (because you can change your mind after you create words, then separate the shorter words to make longer ones before hitting “next” to complete the round). This is great for those who want to challenge themselves even more than just finishing the level, but also beating their own score with fewer moves. I’m not a huge fan of games with timers, only because I get a bit anxious, but this is a great feature for strengthening your processing speed.

What I’d change: The idea of earning (or buying) “PuzzleGems” was a little confusing. Ditto with “PuzzleStars.” I’m not really clear on their benefits, but I think you can unlock extra levels with them. Which brings me to the other thing I’d change: You don’t get that many failed attempts before you have pay to unlock levels. But if you’re good, you probably won’t need them! You can also pay to get rid of ads, but they don’t seem that distracting.


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