LearningRx Reviews the Words Without Friends App

Reviewed by Wendy

What it is: If you love the app Words With Friends but didn’t like waiting for your turn or getting beaten by people you know (or don’t know), this version lets you play the Scrabble-like game against bots.

Brain Benefits: sound blending, segmenting, attention, visual processing, processing speed

What I love: I love Scrabble and this game is very similar, except instead of double and triple letter and word scores, there are target letters (worth extra points), gifts (three “better” letters you can swap out for) and gold stars. There are 100 levels and you can complete objectives to win free cards. Unlike Words With Friends, there’s no pressure (or embarrassment!) if you lose. If you hit the “More” button in the top right corner, you’ll see all the two-letter words you can form. I love that cheat sheet because it teaches me new words that I can use in real Scrabble!

What I’d change: I actually prefer the version with double and triple letter and word scores. If you miss using the target letter you don’t complete the level, so you need to pay close attention how you set up your words. It’s a bit confusing when you start because there are so many options (trade, recall, shuffle, etc.) but you can learn them pretty quickly.


Download Now (iTunes)

Words Without Friends is not currently available for Android Devices. 

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