LearningRx Reviews the GameHouse Website

Reviewed by Wendy

What it is: GameHouse is a website offering tons of free games that don’t require you to download anything.

Brain Benefits: word attack, sound blending, attention, sound analysis, visual processing, sound manipulation, memory, segmenting and auditory processing

What I love: If you’ve read any of my previous reviews, you know I love word games. I purposely avoid any that require Flashplayer or downloads, so I was thrilled to run across GameHouse, which has a wide variety of word games, like Bookworm, Word U, Word Cross, NagiQ and my personal favorite, TextTwist 2. With TextTwist2, you rearrange letters to make as many words as you can. (The timed version is free and there are different levels of difficulty.) You can see how many possible words there are (as well as how many letters the word includes) but in order to get to the next round, you need to find at least one word that uses all the letters. The TWIST button helps you see new words if you get stuck.

What I’d change: As usual, the ads are annoying. The good news is, they’re pretty short, and they probably are what keeps the game free. Also, I think two minutes is a bit short to find 18 or so words, but at least it’s challenging!


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