LearningRx Reviews Boggle for Reading Help

Reviewed by Wendy

What it is: Part word search, part scrabble, Boggle is a fun, fast-paced game that has you scrambling to find more words than your opponent.

Brain Benefits: attention, sound blending, segmenting, processing speed, auditory processing, visual processing

What I love: Other than Scrabble, Boggle was my favorite game growing up. It’s a super simple concept and this particular version makes it perfect for car rides. Just shake up the 16 letter cubes, flip the 90-second timer and write down as many words as you can spot (by connecting adjacent letters). If you and your opponent find the same word, it doesn’t count. You can even play the game alone. Just aim to beat your own high score! There are other versions of Boggle, including Big Boggle (which uses 25 letter cubes, a double-letter cube and a 3-minute timer) and Super Big Boggle (which uses 36 letter cubes, a double-letter cube and a 4-minute timer).

What I’d change: I’d love to have this come packaged in a little drawstring canvas bag to make it easier to carry in a purse or carry-on bag.


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