LearningRx Shreveport Reviews Proof Math Game

Reviewed by LearningRx Shreveport, LA

What it is: Proof is a mental math game that challenges preteen to adult players and keeps their math skills lightening quick.  Players race to find creative equations hidden among a nine number card grid.  Once you create a proven equation with three or more cards, those cards belong to you.  The player with the most cards at the end of the game wins.  You can also play it alone trying to beat the clock to your best time to find a certain number of equations.

Brain Benefitslogic & reasoning, memory, processing speed, numerical fluency

What I love: This game focuses on a player’s mental math skills and since the numbers on the cards do go all the way up to 100, this game would be a challenge for those younger students who do not already have the basic math facts committed to memory.  However, for the students who already know all of their times tables and addition facts, this game allows them to sharpen and enhance them by applying them to mental math.

What I’d change: Nothing!


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