LearningRx Reviews Fast List — Categories Game

Reviewed by Wendy

What it is: This free app challenges you to list common items under a themed list to earn points.

Brain Benefits: attention, logic and reasoning, memory, processing speed

What I love: I used to love the game show “Family Feud” so this game really resonates with me. It’s pretty easy to understand. Categories might include, “Things Associated with Egypt” with the top answers being “Pyramids,” “Desert,” and “Heat,” or “Ways to Make Someone Smile.” There are varying levels to the game and while you may come up with a slew of possible answers, there are only 3 “correct” answers for the category. You can play against friends and check your progress, stats and ranking. There are thousands of themes and the app allows you to play in seven different languages.

What I would change: Some of the responses are too similar, which means I wouldn’t have guessed. For example, “Popular Sweet Pies” has answers that include lime, apple pie and apple crumble.



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