LearningRx Reviews a Life of Logic App

Life of Logic Review

Reviewed by Wendy What it is: This fun, free app is similar to sudoku but uses only two types of tiles (e.g., Os and 1s or two different colors). There are only 3 simple rules and it’s oddly satisfying and fun for such a simple game! Brain Benefits: Planning, logic & reasoning, attention, visual processing… read more

LearningRx Reviews Sugar Blast App

Reviewed by Wendy What it is: This fun and very colorful candy-gathering app might seem like a kid’s game, but it’s actually really fun for adults too! Brain Benefits: visual processing, logic & reasoning, attention What I love: The graphics on this game are really bright and colorful, which makes it appealing to any age.… read more

LearningRx Reviews the Word Trip App

Reviewed by Wendy What it is: This fun app provides on-the-go fun for word lovers. Just stich together the letters to form words of varying lengths. Brain Benefits: logic & reasoning, visual processing, attention, sound blending, segmenting What I love: My daughter (14) is addicted to this game. One night she asked me to help… read more

LearningRx Reviews Sudoku.com App

Reviewed by Wendy What it is: The classic Japanese puzzle game is now available in the form of an app. Brain Benefits: logic & reasoning, visual processing, attention, processing speed What I love: I’ve always loved Sudoku because it’s surprisingly simplistic but also challenging. My dad used to mail me the Sudokus from his local… read more

LearningRx Reviews the Puzzle Fuzzle App

Reviewed by Wendy What it is: Part Picasso part MacGuyver, this app has you solve puzzles by disassembling pictures and reassembling the pieces to create the named object. Brain Benefits: logic & reasoning, visual processing, attention What I love: There are 324 levels to this game so you’re bound to hit some good challenges, but… read more

LearningRx Reviews Wordscapes App

Reviewed by Katie What it is: [Apple Store Description] Get the incredibly addicting word game that everyone is talking about! Starts off easy but gets challenging fast. Can you beat the game? This modern game combines the best of word searching and crosswords for tremendous brain challenging fun! Brain Benefits: sound blending, sound manipulation, sound analysis, segmenting, auditory… read more

LearningRx Reviews the New York Times Crossword Puzzle App

Reviewed by Wendy What it is: Newspaper subscriptions have gone down significantly. If you’re one of the people that only got the New York Times for the crossword, you’re in luck! There’s an app for that! Brain Benefits: sound blending, segmenting, attention, visual processing, memory What I love: I love a good crossword puzzle and few… read more

LearningRx Reviews Word Solitaire App

Reviewed by Wendy  What it is: The best way to describe this free award-winning app is “Klondike solitaire but with letters.” You start by dragging letters onto one another to arrange them into words. Then you flip over the card underneath it to expose another letter. You also need to use the provided letters (the… read more

LearningRx Reviews Blitz 21

Reviewed by Wendy What it is: Before you think I’m advocating gambling, let me clarify that this is really more of a free math-training app. In fact, the app’s description even says, “It’s a perfect way to practice your blackjack skills, train your brain or just pass the time.” Brain Benefits: processing speed, math computations,… read more

Brain School (App)

LearningRx Reviews the Brain School App Reviewed by Wendy What it is: This fun brain games app offers 20 games and more than 100 levels of play. Some of the games include Music Lessons, Roman History, Magic Hats, Shape Math and Plastic Puzzle. You can check your improvement in “mental agility” daily and get progress… read more