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LearningRx Reviews Sugar Blast App

Reviewed by Wendy What it is: This fun and very colorful candy-gathering app might seem like a kid’s game, but it’s actually really fun for adults too! Brain Benefits: visual processing, logic & reasoning, attention What I love: The graphics on this game are really bright and colorful, which makes it appealing to any age.… read more

LearningRx Reviews Word Hookup App

Reviewed by Wendy What it is: This fun word-building app challenges you to connect letters with paths to make words—but you have to take a path that covers the entire board! Brain Benefits: visual processing, sound blending, segmenting, logic & reasoning, attention What I love: This game goes beyond the standard “rearrange the letters to… read more

LearningRx Reviews the Puzzle Fuzzle App

Reviewed by Wendy What it is: Part Picasso part MacGuyver, this app has you solve puzzles by disassembling pictures and reassembling the pieces to create the named object. Brain Benefits: logic & reasoning, visual processing, attention What I love: There are 324 levels to this game so you’re bound to hit some good challenges, but… read more

LearningRx Reviews Word Solitaire App

Reviewed by Wendy  What it is: The best way to describe this free award-winning app is “Klondike solitaire but with letters.” You start by dragging letters onto one another to arrange them into words. Then you flip over the card underneath it to expose another letter. You also need to use the provided letters (the… read more

LearningRx Reviews Blitz 21

Reviewed by Wendy What it is: Before you think I’m advocating gambling, let me clarify that this is really more of a free math-training app. In fact, the app’s description even says, “It’s a perfect way to practice your blackjack skills, train your brain or just pass the time.” Brain Benefits: processing speed, math computations,… read more


LearningRx Reviews Brainilis Smart Phone App Reviewed by Wendy What it is: Brainilis is a free, fun brain game app that lets you work on cognitive skills. Since there are three difficulty levels for each game, it’s appropriate for kids and adults. Brain Benefits: logic & reasoning, attention, memory, processing speed, visual processing, math skills What I love:… read more

Brain School (App)

LearningRx Reviews the Brain School App Reviewed by Wendy What it is: This fun brain games app offers 20 games and more than 100 levels of play. Some of the games include Music Lessons, Roman History, Magic Hats, Shape Math and Plastic Puzzle. You can check your improvement in “mental agility” daily and get progress… read more

Paint Tower! LearningRx Review

Reviewed by Wendy  What it is: If you’re looking to build visual processing, this app has got you covered! The basic concept is simple: stack a tower of pieces from the top down with the number of blocks you’re given. It sounds simple, until you realize that each piece affects the tower’s balance! Add too… read more

Word Stack

Reviewed by Wendy What it is: This word-association app is billed as good for people who love crosswords, word search or hangman. You create a stack of words by associating them as synonyms or antonyms, because they create compound words or just because they’re related somehow (e.g., five and seven are both numbers). Brain Benefits:… read more


Reviewed by Wendy What it is: [From the Google app store]: “A collection of the best and most addictive logic puzzles with minimalism graphics and unique level design. Puzzledom merged best puzzles like Connect, Blocks, Rolling Ball and Escape, which are easy to learn and fun to master into one game collection.” Brain Benefits: Visual… read more